Private Label products

Private Label products

Always be a step ahead of the competitors

Private label products are an exclusive product that gives the dealer more freedom, greater margin and more security for the future.

Price stability

Through Private Label products, the dealer has a great price advantage and can pass it partly to its customers and thus provide greater customer loyalty.

All rights reserved

At the same time, you have more influence on the design and quality of the products and can evade the partial, individual decisions of the brand manufacturers.

our service

We support you with our services, from the development of your Private Label products to their market maturity up to the delivery of the finished product to you.

You benefit from our good contacts with the industry and our experience in logistics and customs handling. We will analyze for you whether the intended product finds its market and look for the suitable manufacturer for it. Model making ensures that your product will also keep what you promise your customers. We support you in product and packaging design, help you to find the right name and ensure that your product is documented adequately. When it comes to trademark rights, we take care that your brand is protected. The development of new products often entails high costs in advance. Please contact us if you are interested in pre-financing our services or payment targets. For the finished product, we gladly take over the dispatch processing, from the customs declaration up to the dispatch by truck or ship.

  •  Market analysis
  • Manufacturer analysis and identification
  • Preliminary clarification of names
  • Trademark protection
  • Name finding
  • Product design
  • Packing development
  • Documentation
  • Pre-financing
  • Logistics
  • Customs processing

Decide for yourself what services you want to put into our hands and what you want to do.