Brand products

Brand products

Entrenched brands Established products

Take advantage of the well-established brand. Your customers come to you because they know what they want and get. Expensive and elaborate advertising measures are usually no longer required for established branded products.

Quality products

Branded products are already thoroughly tested. The term branded product stands for aesthetic, technical and material quality as well as longevity and functionality.

our service

We will provide you with the desired branded product at fair market prices and ensure that it reaches you in a timely manner.

First-class and long-term contacts with industry enable us to procure many well-known premium brands.

We take advantage of the synergy effects resulting from bundling orders from customers in different regions. It is thus possible for us to offer the desired goods at extremely favorable conditions.

We make sure that the goods arrive to you, whether by truck or ship and, if so desired, also carry out customs clearance for you.

  • Procurement
  • Logistics
  • customs clearance

Decide for yourself what services you want to put into our hands and what you want to do.

Brand products